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Tuscany123 Choose the right Tuscany is the largest and most authoritative web guide on Tuscany in the world. Online since 1998, every year it helps about a million people to discover Tuscany through the eyes of a visitor rather than a tourist.

Vinarium is a tour operator specialised in incoming tourism and wine and food tours, for years it has been organising holidays for thousands of people who want to find out about the lesser known aspects of Tuscany.

These two areas of practical expertise and a shared passion for Tuscany have led to the creation of, a site equipped with advanced software for the creation and personalisation of tours. Register here

This service is available to travel agencies and tour operators only.


The basic idea is very simple, by using, any travel agency or tour operator anywhere in the world can create a personalised programme for their clients who want to travel in Tuscany in real time. The programme is not the usual standard programme which a lot of small agencies offer but includes a vast selection of activities difficult to find through traditional channels offering cultural, light-hearted and entertaining activities but always interesting and offering a view of Tuscany that’s different from the usual angle.
The site contains hundreds of activities throughout the province of Tuscany: cookery courses, wine and oil tasting, excursions, lessons in Italian culture and traditions, sports and recreational activities.

As well as the activities on the site it’s also possible to choose the most suitable restaurants and hotels. In short, once you’ve registered in a very brief time you can create the programme that’s best suited to your clients.
Each tour is created in real time and can be modified and saved entirely automatically.

Once the tour has been created a personalised PDF file can be printed with your logo to show to the client.
The PDF can be printed with the prices provided automatically by the system, which you will be paid a commission on. Otherwise it will be possible to download the tour in a different format without the prices, so that you can evaluate them and add them later.

Once your client has approved the programme the contract is defined in detail and confirmed, at this stage the bookings can begin.

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