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Help index:

- How to register
- How to use
- How to verify the tour
- How to book the tour


How to register
Registering is the first step towards using the services offered and it’s simple and free of charge, just follow this link or click on REGISTER to start.

How to use
There are two ways of creating a tour:

  1. As soon as you’ve connected up with your username and password, the tours already planned by us will be proposed. Once you’ve chosen the tour you can personalise it with the options you like and the exact number of participants.
    You can go back at any time to this area clicking on SHOWCASE.
  2. If, instead, you want to set up your own tour in detail, just click on YOUR TOURS and then ADD NEW TOUR.
    You will be prompted to select the date and the number of participants (these options can be modified if necessary at a later stage). Once you have filled in these sections the search page will appear, after selecting the area, the theme and the type of service all the available services will be shown.

    Just use the options DETAILS or INSERT to view or add these services to your tour to begin creating your tour.
    Attention: each service must be combined with the time of the day when it will be provided during the tour (morning or afternoon).
    Some services already include lunch or supper, in this case it is not possible to choose any restaurant, if, on the other hand, no meal has been provided for, it’s possible but not obligatory, to choose a restaurant. For accommodation it’s possible, but not obligatory, to choose a hotel.

    Given the difficulty of calculating exact journey times in Tuscany, the software will allow you to choose programmes in areas which are not adjacent in the space of the same day but will alert you with a red message that there could be problems in organising the tour.
    Once you’ve created your tour, you can SAVE, MODIFY or CLEAR it.
    Once the tour has been saved you will be redirected to YOUR TOURS page and you will be able you to PRINT, DELETE or EDIT the tour.
    The command PRINT let you download the tour in a PDF file personalised with your logo, to submit to the customer, with the prices provided automatically by the system, which you will be paid a commission on. Otherwise it will be possible to download the tour in a different format without the prices, so that you can evaluate them and add them later.

How to verify the tour
Once the right tour has been created, just click on VERIFY from YOUR TOURS page, the tour will be automatically submitted to us and we will review it manually to make sure each single activity is feasible during the selected period. At the same time we will check availabilities and, once everything is confirmed and ready to be booked, we will put the tour at the "Ready to be booked" status.

How to book the tour
Once the tour has been verified you will receive a notification by email, at this point just click on BOOK from YOUR TOURS, you will be prompted to pay the deposit using your credit card, the deposit is always 30% of the tour face value.
The contract will be defined in detail, at this stage bookings will begin.